Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Darby Field Inn: Activities We Recommend - Cathedral Ledge

Why stay at the Darby Field Inn and Restaurant in Albany, NH?  Not only is it a beautiful respite from "normal" life, AND situated just off the Kancamaugus Highway (Scenic Rt. 112), it's only minutes from some pretty spectacular outdoor activities.  Here's an incredible spot that's only a few minutes drive down lovely West Side Rd in North Conway: 

Cathedral Ledge - There are a few different ways to reach the summit, depending on your skill level.  Super athletic people can contact the knowledgeable folks at International Mountain Climbing School for info on scaling this popular rock face.  Meanwhile, normal athletic people can enjoy the view from the top after a brief hike beginning at Echo Lake State Park.  Non-athletes can simply drive up Cathedral Ledge Road all the way to the top. 

More good news?  All three types of athletes can enjoy the Darby Field bag lunch!  Check out our Packages Page, or call the front desk to find out additional information about our simple, delicious take away lunches.

Next time: Boulder Loop Trail

Winter shot of the Ledge
Echo Lake with Cathedral Ledge background

Trail map to Cathedral Ledge from Echo Lake

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