Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Last Weekend Before Bug Season Begins...

It's Officially the Beginning of Flower Season!
Our garden has now reached the point it's difficult to pick only one flower that's blooming...there are at least five or six to choose from. I've decided to feature one of the more obscure (at least to me...) this week.  Euphorbia has the softest foliage, and spring green leaves crowned with small yellow clusters of flowers. Faye tells me it is a vigorous ground cover, doubling in size each year. This is a plant you can share with friends and family; its root ball can be divided easily and transplanted in your own garden or elsewhere. It enjoys the full sun and turns a delightful rusty orange in the fall. Although I said I would feature only one flower, I feel our flowering crab apple tree, pictured below, deserves some attention as well...it is absolutely gorgeous this year!

Just a little reminder: the Home and Garden Show is this weekend at the Fryeburg Fairgrounds. You'll be able to find your own garden gems, talk with flower experts and get some delicious cook out recipes, all in one place! Our Last Minute Special features room rates that encourage you to get out and walk around the mountains, the golf course, or the garden show this weekend! So, if you've been thinking about visiting the White Mountains and the Darby Field Inn this spring, wait no longer...now is the perfect time to enjoy both!

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