Tuesday, March 13, 2007

White Mountain Wedding

Congratulations, Kim and Charlie!

Another aspect of life here at the Inn, are the events that do not require you to step outside our doors. Our suites seem to provide such a romantic environment that we sometimes don't see guests after check in 'til check out (we won't tell...). Many people get engaged here, whether in public (carriage/sleigh rides, dinner, in front of the fireplace...), or in private. Sometimes we are actively involved (supplying ambiance, champagne, special desserts...) and sometimes we only hear about it afterwards. There are at least twenty engagements that take place here per year, that we know of. It is always special when we get to see our friends follow through with the wedding, as Kim and Charlie did last Thursday evening.

Joined by their best friends, Rick and Gena, they stood before Marc (our Innkeeper, also a Justice of the Peace) and exchanged vows in front of a roaring fire, as the sun set behind the mountains. You couldn't ask for better special effects! Since Rick and Charlie are old-school pranksters, there were some jokes during and after the ceremony, all of which were taken in stride by Kim (she is so easy-going!). After the ceremony, everyone relaxed for a few in the tavern, then were seated in the dining room for their wedding meal.

If you have been thinking about either eloping or having a more intimate wedding, click here to see the different options we have here at the Inn ( http://www.darbyfield.com/weddings.htm ).If you don't see exactly what you're looking for, give us a call, we're always open to new ideas.

Thanks again for sharing, Charlie & Kim! Best of Luck to you both, and send us a postcard from the honeymoon!

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