Friday, March 16, 2007

"Old" Friends & New Acquaintances

Happy Birthday, Erik!

Some of our favorite guests showed up this past weekend to celebrate a milestone birthday - the big 5-0! The Forsbergs (Jane & Bob) and Scanlons (Deb & Erik) have been visiting us annually for about ten years. We are always happy to see them - they are warm and wonderful folks - and we were very pleased to be included in the birthday fun! We all assured Erik he doesn't look a day over 39...just look at this picture, do any of these folks seem over-the-hill?! As always, we were sorry to see them go, but look forward to their next visit!
The Squirrel Who Came to Stay...

Coincidentally, last weekend was also the first we saw of our new friend, a red squirrel, affectionately named Ivan Squirrelowski, who is now a regular under the bird feeder. He is hilarious to watch, whether stuffing as much birdseed as possible into his mouth, or defending his spot from grey squirrels, birds, other red squirrels and one man with a shovel! The birds (and some guests)find him to be a bit of a nuisance, but it's all harmless fun since there is a squirrel guard on the bird feeder. We don't know how long he'll stay once other food sources become available, so we'll just enjoy him while we can!

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jessica said...

Happy birthday Erik. That is a really nice picture. Wish you guys loads of luck.
Such a cute squirrel.
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