Sunday, October 29, 2006

Winter's Joys

Winter peeks her head over the tops of the mountains right about now. Mount Washington, at its peak, glitters with fresh coat of snow almost daily. The Winter People are gassing up the sleds, polishing the skis and digging out the mittens. There are snowmen out there just waiting to be born into the winter wonderland that is The Mount Washington Valley in this cold season. A few flurries now and then tease us with just a taste of winter’s frosting, but like all good natives, we close our eyes and hope that tomorrow brings more.

It’s amazing how much people can miss here in The Whites if they fall into the “I don’t ski” trap. Winter isn’t just for daredevils and kids around here. There are joys of the season for all. You can see that joy just starting to twinkle in Spike’s eyes as the cold air hits his nose and puts a spring in his mighty step.

So who, you ask, is Spike? If you’ve ever had a sleigh ride here at The Darby or taken a summer stroll up the hill, you have most likely met our local celebrity horse. Spike is a huge Belgian with amazing strength and an even more amazing personality. I guess Spike is what you’d call a “people horse”. He loves the snow, the people and being able to show off his incredible strength and agility.

Aelwen and Oonaugh are two eight year old Welsh Cobbs currently aiming for the premiere spot in the sleigh ride arena. Having only reached working maturity last year, the young-uns have a lot to learn from master Spike before he’ll resign his near royal status as Sleigh Horse. They are working hard and learning fast though. These girls are tough and strong and they like to prove it.

Come enjoy a sleigh ride at the Darby and meet these amazing animals. Snuggle under a toasty blanket and let Kim and his brilliant team show you that New England winter is more than ski slopes and ice. It’s a postcard beautiful world glittering in the moonlight as gentle flakes kiss rosy cheeks and the boughs of pines bend gracefully with the weight of a million diamonds of snow.

Now that is winter.

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Anonymous said...

We went for a carriage ride and it was really nice. The guy was really nice too. Those horses are BIG! but they were nice and very good at pulling the carriage. We had a great time.