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How to Explore Mount Washington

How to explore Mount Washington

Fall/Winter 2006

The Mount Washington Auto Road
The hours for the auto road are varied during the fall season. Generally the auto road is open until 4PM until the end of October, but be aware that the weather on the mountain is not the weather you see here. It’s about 30 degrees colder on the summit than it is here. In August of 2006 there was snow on the mountain! We recommend that you call ahead to
603-466-3988 to make sure that the drive you have planned is going to happen. Remember the roads are narrow in spots and if the staff at the Auto Road says the drive is not a good idea for that day please understand it’s because we want our area guests to remain safe. The further up the mountain you get the colder it gets. Ice can make the auto road treacherous. Call first to ensure your plans will go off without a hitch!
Take Route 16 North past the junction of 16A & B.
Keep following 16 North and you will come to the Auto Road.
Estimated travel time is about 1 hour.

Auto Road Snow Coach Tours
Visit the world above the treeline this winter aboard the Snow Coach! Look down on the 5,500 acre Great Gulf Wilderness area and over the majestic peaks of the Northern Presidential Range!
For ticket information call 603-466-2333.
The Snow Coach operates out of the Auto Road location.

The Cog Railway
The drive over to Bretton Woods is a good hour from here, but the Cog is well worth it!
The Cog operates year round for both skiers and non-skiers to enjoy the mountain.
It’s a 3 hour round trip to the summit. After October 30th the train goes to Waumbek Platform and not to the summit.
The trip to Waumbek Platform is 1 hour roundtrip.
Call 603-278-5404 for reservations and more information.
Take Route 16 to 302 West to Bretton Woods.

Winter Hiking on Mount Washington
Winter hiking on the mountain is not recommended unless you are a VERY experienced hiker and have an experienced guide with you. The hike can take up to 15 hours and temperatures can vary as much as 30 degrees. We recommend Boulder Loop (snowshoes may be required), Tuckerman Ravine Trail is about 2 miles and is okay for the inexperienced hiker. Please make sure you are properly dressed. Snow, ice and weather conditions change rapidly here in the winter.
Be properly prepared and leave us your hiking plans and emergency contact numbers.

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Thank you so much for this article. It will really help when we plan our trip. After reading online aobut the guy from Quebec we weren't sure if hiking in the cold weather was for us but now we know that that is not the only way to expolre the mountains. you are the only inn that gives information like this and it makes such a difference to hear from a real local source. Thanks.