Friday, October 13, 2006

The Amazing White Birch

The Amazing White Birch

Wow. If you think there's nothing much to look at nature- wise in New Hampshire after the foliage is gone, you need to explore the potential in the amazing White Birch.

The White Birch is a rarity in that it photographs better without it leaves than with them. The long, slender trunk sways in the wind as it's many sparkling branches reach out as if pointing toward the winter sun. Coupled with the rich blues of the sky, the image summons in the colder weather and the glorious snow.

The birch, in the spirit of all things traditional New England is as practical as it is beautiful. The Algonquian Native Americans made good use of this natural beauty. From it's bark came rattles, torches, moose calls, wigwams, canoes and many types of containers. Bark cut-outs or stencils were used to decorate. The bark also served as a type of paper for the native peoples. Birch bark makes wonderful tinder for campfires. The birch even had the amazing ability to save the natives from famine as it's bark can be boiled and eaten as food.

Come visit and explore the photographic potential of this New England wonder. We'd love to meet you!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing picture! Now we're curious about those trees! White trees? I've seen them in pictures only. They must be something to see in person! My husband and I are looking forward to visiting NH in the snow. Please post something when you have some. I've become a bit of an addict to your blog. It's like traveling from my desk. I came accross you by accidetn on the internet and love this journal you have going. Add to that the spectacular pictures and I tell everyone to check out "the cool in in New hampshire!" We will be coming in the winter!